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“a brilliant book”
- Donald. A Norman.

This textbook introduces design students to key principles of three-dimensional form, bridging aesthetics and practical design objectives. It explores how we see and what it is that characterises visually appealing and satisfactory design. Practicing designers would also discover a lot they ought to know and probably don´t.


What´s in the book:

1) An introduction to why people see the way they do.

2) How to resolve design constraints

3) Understanding curvature in lines and surfaces

4) Craftsmanship problems – the bugbears of joints and junctions

5) Product semantics – what designed things mean to users.

Author biography

Richard Herriott was educated at Trinity College, Dublin where he obtained a mediocre degree in Earth Science. He holds an MA in automotive design from Coventry University, UK. His Ph.D in universal design was granted by the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. He is an associate professor of design as the Design School, Kolding, Denmark. He lives in Aarhus, Denmark.


Photograph: © Joni Mok

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