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Thank you for dropping by to this personal website. Here you will find evidence of work done in academic research and in some form of art. The academic work is in the area of design research.  The art part concerns acrylic-on-canvas paintings I have done intermittently since 2001 plus newer digital work. In the near future I will add a gallery for works on paper. 

I try not to explain what my artwork is about. Francis Bacon was asked by Melvyn Bragg what was the meaning of his work. He replied that if he could say so, he would not have painted them. Lucian Freud did a painting because he wanted to see how it would turn out. Both of those fine painters dodged the question of their art´s meaning and I have to follow suit. I suppose I could add that sometimes I am interested in primarily formal issues of colour and proportion but that is probably as revealing as a chef who declares he is interested in flavour and texture.  

The best thing is to take a look at the images and see if they are of interest and hopefully they might be. 

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