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  • Richard Herriott

Designerly Ways of Knowing

You can read my article on designerly ways of knowing at the new issue of Design Issues.

The story behind this article is that it took from March 2020 to now, July 2023 to get it out the door. Some of that time is harmless lead time for publication. It was accepted late 2022. But prior to that was a frustrating revolving door of shoddy and slow peer reviews. The best bit of advice came from the editor of Design Issues who simply said cut the article in half, which I did. None of the other six readers (or seven if you count the same person twice) suggested that this was really two articles in one. No marks to the editor who refused to answer emails during a seven month review process or the editor who refused to explain the peer reviewers´ non-sensical remarks. Still, here we are and it´s print. Write and I can send a PDF to you.

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