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  • Richard Herriott

Tacit knowledge doesn´t count

But in this text, the authors imply Nigel Cross (1982) thinks it does.

The article is Galdon, F., & Hall, A. (2022). (Un) Frayling design research in design education for the 21st Century. The Design Journal, 25(6), 915-933. (Tag: design ontology). According to the authors “this paper will focus on redesigning design research education for the 21st century. In critiquing Frayling (and in passing referencing my own work) the authors “reposition the ontological nature of design knowledge- around notions of prospectivity, abductivity and probablism”. On page 4 the authors write “Cross addressed the issue of factuality (scientific empiricism) by introducting tacit knowledge as an alternative.” This would not appear to be the case as in the 1982 paper he argued to make things explicit..:” teachers of design have a responsibility to be as articulate as they possibly can about what it is they are trying to teach, or else they can have no basis for choosing the content and methods of their teaching”.

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